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Branding Globally

1,600,000 Local Store

We are dedicated to assisting brands in expanding their reach worldwide, ensuring your brand gains increased visibility and access to numerous opportunities in foreign markets.

Regardless of your brand’s size, we provide expert services for brand globalization, supporting your entry into the global marketplace.

Increased Conversion Rates, Boosted Order Numbers
Harvest a Higher Volume of Orders

  • Leverage data analysis to direct advertisements towards target consumers, boosting marketing performance.
  • Ensure secure and seamless payment methods to elevate purchase conversion rates.
  • Offer customized services, loyalty schemes, and expert customer support to maintain a loyal customer base and enhance customer satisfaction.


The integration of GPT-4 in content marketing to enhance productivity and efficiency.


Bwanaz.com unites wholesale and retail on a single webpage for seamless shopping.

8.8 X

JJFK INC has experienced a multiple-fold increase in advertising return on investment (ROI).

160+ Cross-Global

Payoneer certified international payment services for 160+ currencies.

As a loyal customer, I believe in the quality and brand image of JJFK, which will achieve success in the international market. I look forward to their launch of more products and services tailored to local markets and will continue to support their brand globalization plan.

Expand Global Market @ Bwanaz.com

Grow your brand using the world’s most unique business platform.

10 K+

Count of Verified Seller on JJFK INC


Conduct sales in 175 countries/regions across 21 available languages.


Leverage the GPT-4 platform to rapidly expand your market.

JJFK’s adaptability delivers versatile solutions across various platforms, allowing us to introduce our premium furniture brand to an expanded audience. With JJFK, we ensure a seamless shopping experience on mobile devices, desktops, and third-party apps, facilitating our transformation from a local brand to a world-renowned, high-quality furniture brand.

Emphasizing Speed
Capture Market Share, Foster Rapid Innovation

Embrace a mindset of swift action and accelerated innovation. Promptly seize market opportunities, introduce new features expediently, and adapt in real-time to evolving consumer preferences. Cater to consumer needs comprehensively and secure the backing of a robust partner ecosystem.

  • Effortlessly transition your online store to JJFK utilizing a customizable and intuitive platform
  • Swiftly deploy new campaigns, channels, personalizations, and experiments with continuous improvements
  • Streamline repetitive and efficient workflows in your system and store
  • Tap into specialized applications and a robust partner ecosystem to craft bespoke solutions catering to your business needs

Performance Optimization
Superior performance, gracefully managing heavy workloads.

JJFK Inc maintains an average uptime of 99.97%.

Incorporated security, regulatory compliance, data encryption, fraud deterrence, and bot safeguard functionalities.

In-depth sales data and reporting, accompanied by extensive feedback for every store.

Dedicated Customer Service
A trustworthy, bespoke service team.

  • Round-the-clock priority technical support through phone, email, and online chat
  • Gaining platform expertise and industry insights via the Merchant Success Program
  • Free customized migration, onboarding, and account management assistance
  • Personalized solutions through access to over 3,000 applications, hundreds of JJFK Inc strategic partners, and a range of certified apps

Over the past two years, we’ve realized a staggering 2,800% growth, transforming into a global omnichannel brand. JJFK INC has consistently expanded in parallel with our progress, enabling us to direct our primary attention beyond technical aspects.

JJFK INC is a highly-regarded one-stop service platform among merchants in the marketplace.

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